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Why we All Need It



2-Way Micropay™ brings tremendous benefits to all three major segments of Internet users:  consumers, content providers, and advertisers.

Here is why 2-Way Micropay™ will dramatically improve the Internet for everyone .  .  .  .

The Internet has long needed a universal micropayment system--a way to exchange pennies, nickels and dimes quickly and easily.

Credit card forms are inconvenient.  And credit card fees are high, costing a minimum of 35 cents.  That's why vendors rarely charge anything less than $1 per transaction.

But what if you could conveniently pay 5¢ to play an online game?  Or could buy a song for 25¢ cents?  Watch a move for 50¢?  Or immediately buy online articles you need for a research project for just 75¢?

That would be a HUGE BENEFIT for both consumers and content creators.

In fact, widespread adoption of 2-Way Micropay™ will unleash a flood of new, valuable content. 

Imagine all the creative people who will want to turn 1,000,000 hits into $50,000 just by charging 5¢ per view, using 2-Way Micropay! 

Two-Way Micropay™ is good for consumers because it is also good for the artists, writers, programmers and other creators of the content you really want. 

Plus, it is good for the advertisers who are want to pay for your attention!

It may even save the newspaper industry!

Two-Way Micropay™ is a win-win-win for Consumers, Content Providers, and Advertisers   Plus, it is the first and only payment platform that solves the micropay dilemma.

2 micropay way     As a Consumer What This Means To You

  • Free Money.  Earn 70 to 80% of ad dollars spent to get your attention.
  • More Convenience.  Buy with a click, without the need to fill out credit card forms. Easily add money to your account.
  • Loyalty & Honesty. Support the creators of the content you like so you can get more of what you want.
  • Single Sign-On. One ID and password, managed by our central payment center, is all you need at any micropayment enabled web site.
  • Lower Prices.  Buy original content at reasonable prices.  No more inflated subscription charges.  No wasting time on piracy.  No viruses.
  • Privacy Protection.  No spam allowed.  You only see email follow-ups when you get paid for your attention.

Plus, your account makes it easier for you to profit from the Internet economy, as a blogger, affiliate, auction participant, consultant, or any other way where you send and receive money.

2 micropay way

As a Content Provider What This Means To You

  • Lower Costs.  No more minimum credit card fees, typically 25 cents or more per transaction.  You can now charge as little as a penny.
  • Increased Revenues.  Quickly and easily sell archived, dated, or low value content for  micropayments.
  • Impulse Sales. Make it quick and easy for prospects to buy your entry level items, using their "free ad money." This is a great way to build your customer base.
  • Better Tracking. Collect superior, record based data on each customer, including contact info for follow-up offers.
  • Happier Affiliates.  Easily and automatically split receipts with referring partners.
  • Ecstatic Creators.  Automatically pay royalties to artists or distributors with each sale.
  • Less Pirated Content.  It's not worth one's time to hunt for free, illegal content when one can get it instantly and legally for just a few cents -- especially when those few cents may be from "free ad money."  And because we make it easy to share income with referring users, potential thieves are more likely to post a link to your content with their referral code so they can earn more, too.

Plus, whether you are big or little, a publisher, distributor, musician, artist, photographer, author or online retailer, you can easily create product purchase links using either our manual interface or automated API.

2 micropay way     As an Advertiser What This Means To You

  • Build Goodwill. Reward your leads for their time and attention by turning your ad dollars into small cash premiums.
  • More Leverage. Participate in a universal rewards program that empowers consumers to buy the content they want using pooled funds received from multiple advertisers.
  • Better Lists. Gather permission granted contact information, demographics,  and detailed behavioral metrics on everyone who sees your banner advertisement or receives your email offer.
  • Ethical Follow-Ups. Never be accused of spam or disrespect of your customers' or leads' time.  Your follow-up Qixit™ delivered email offers are always welcome because they always include a micropayment in exchange for your prospect's time, attention, and marketing data.
  • Better Prospecting. Easily find new prospects with proven interest or history of buying products in your target market.
  • Higher ROI.  Better testing, tracking and control over your advertising costs with superior targeting of your best leads and customers.

Plus, with your Qixit™ emailed follow-up offers, we gather information on recipients' read time, number of reads, and printing behavior so you can quickly create hot lists of your most interested prospects who are worth additional follow-up.






The Internet would be the ideal platform for high volume sales of low priced content . . . if there was a practical micropayment solution.

But all previous attempts at micropayment systems have failed. Why?   Because they were one-way systems, designed to just move money from consumers to sellers.

This meant consumers were required to pre-fund their accounts with a $20 deposit, or more.  They then had to wait around and hope that they would be able to find $20 worth of content in the network of participating sites to make it worth while.  But there were never enough people willing to gamble $20 on this proposition.  So the content providers never showed up either. 


2-Way Micropay™ solves the dilemma by taking away the risk to consumers. 

2-Way Micropay™ is the first and only micropayment system that allows consumers to both spend and receive money

First, users get a free account. 

Second, and even better,  2-Way Micropay™ allows users to capture a free stream of money coming into their accounts from advertisers willing to pay for their attention.  There's no need to pre-fund your account!

What this means is that advertising dollars flow in a new direction.

In the old way of doing things, advertisers embedded their ads in content you wanted, like television shows and newspapers.

With 2-Way Micropay™, advertisers can pay you directly to view their ads.  It's like getting paid for your time and attention.

You can then use this "free" money to buy the content you want . . .  or save it up and get a check.

2-Way Micropay™ creates a new relationship between consumers, content providers, and advertisers.  Now, for the first time, consumers (YOU) get to capture a fair share of advertising dollars.

Think about it.  Corporate America is gathering marketing information about you and selling it to other companies.  The only thing you get out of this is more advertising! 

But since they're buying information about you, why shouldn't you get paid every time it is used? 

We think you should.  And our patent pending technology makes it possible. 

We are like your own personal mail list and marketing information broker.  And advertisers can only have access to it only when they pay you for your attention, at rates you set.  In fact, 85% of ad dollars spent to reach you go into your account!  (Our cut, is only 15%.)

If you don't want to see ads, set your price high. 

If you want to make more money, set your price lower. 

You are always in charge.  And you always get paid for your time and attention!

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2 Micropay Way

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