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Why we All Need It


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Interested in Controlling Your Own Identity?

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As a Individual Consumer What This Means To You

  • Free Money.  Earn 70 to 80% of ad dollars spent to get your attention.
  • More Convenience.  Buy with a click, without the need to fill out credit card forms. Easily add money to your account.
  • Loyalty & Honesty. Support the creators of the content you like so you can get more of what you want.
  • Single Sign-On. One ID and password, managed by our central payment center, is all you need at any micropayment enabled web site.
  • Lower Prices.  Buy original content at reasonable prices.  No more inflated subscription charges.  No wasting time on piracy.  No viruses.
  • Privacy Protection.  No spam allowed.  You only see email follow-ups when you get paid for your attention.

Plus, your account makes it easier for you to profit from the Internet economy, as a blogger, affiliate, auction participant, consultant, or any other way where you send and receive money.

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