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2 micropay way

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2 micropay way

As a Content Provider What This Means To You

  • Lower Costs.  No more minimum credit card fees, typically 25 cents or more per transaction.  You can now charge as little as a penny.
  • Increased Revenues.  Quickly and easily sell archived, dated, or low value content for  micropayments.
  • Impulse Sales. Make it quick and easy for prospects to buy your entry level items, using their "free ad money." This is a great way to build your customer base.
  • Better Tracking. Collect superior, record based data on each customer, including contact info for follow-up offers.
  • Happier Affiliates.  Easily and automatically split receipts with referring partners.
  • Ecstatic Creators.  Automatically pay royalties to artists or distributors with each sale.
  • Less Pirated Content.  It's not worth one's time to hunt for free, illegal content when one can get it instantly and legally for just a few cents -- especially when those few cents may be from "free ad money."  And because we make it easy to share income with referring users, potential thieves are more likely to post a link to your content with their referral code so they can earn more, too.

Plus, whether you are big or little, a publisher, distributor, musician, artist, photographer, author or online retailer, you can easily create product purchase links using either our manual interface or automated API.

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2 Micropay Way

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